Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic

karel_havlicek_foto_lenka_hatasova7_2_1.jpg The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ brings together small and medium-sized enterprises and craftspeople and their organisations from around the whole country on an open, non-political platform. It successfully promotes the basic idea behind the Programme for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises in the CR, compiled in 2003.


The association cooperates with the government, individual ministries, and over recent years has initiated a host of statutory measures which are helping to create the business environment in our country.

The association, which presents the opinion of the important majority from the sphere of SMEs, has an important place within the framework of European structures.

The AMSP ČR collaborates with UEAPME, with its headquarters in Brussels, an international organisation representing 11 million European businesses with more than 50 million employees.

The AMSP ČR collaborates closely with CEBRE (the Czech Business Representation). Many of our members have already availed themselves of these contacts and the services on offer.

The AMSP ČR is a member of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and cooperates closely with other specialist and professional federations.

The AMSP ČR informs all of its members of the possibilities of cooperating within the framework of the EU and offers them assistance and consultation when selecting suitable projects. In cooperation with the Czech-Moravian Gurarantee and Develpment Bank (ČMZRB), support for these projects will be provided in the form of interest-free loans for the acquisition of long-term tangible and intangible assets, the financing of reserves, receivables within the maturity deadline, and operating costs directly linked with a project. Support will be provided under the terms of contracts concluded between the final recipient and the final user.

The most important priorities for the continued development of small and medium-sized businesses, which the AMSP ČR advocates with state bodies, can be summarised in the following points:

  • The enforceability of the law;
  • The statutory responsibility of the state for the decisions reached by its civil servants;
  • The simplification of taxes;
  • State support for employment;
  • Easier access to loans.

Through its members the association promotes its opinions regarding current economic and social problems being debated in administrative and legislative bodies and thus assists in the creation of a favourable framework and climate for business.

The AMSP ČR requires on bodies of the state administration constant interest, effort and specialist ability in order to create a realistic strategy for developing and viable business activities and ensuring suitable conditions for the business climate in the Czech Republic.

The Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ (AMSP ČR) is a legal entity established in accordance with Act 83/1990 Coll., on federations of citizens, as amended. AMSP ČR is registered unter the case number 12282 L by the Municipal Court in Prague (initial registration at the Ministry of Interior, No. VS / 1-1 / 48 640/01 R).

“Entrepreneurship is not the last resort for the unsuccessful people, but the first option for the most competent ones“


Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic:

  • represent: 99.85 % of companies

  • employee: 61.50 %of employees

  • produce: 52.15 % of output

  • produce: 52.90 % of added value

  • pay: 55.67 % of wages

  • produce: 50.50 % of investments

  • consume: 52.50 % of imports

  • produce: 34.30 % of exports

  • produce: 34.92 % of GDP

(source: Ministry of Industry and Trade – information for 2010)


On the national level:

The Association of Small and  Medium-sized  Enterprises  and  Crafts of the Czech Republic associates  small and medium-sized  enterprises and traders and  their organisations from the  whole  country  on an open, non-political platform. The Association was founded in 2001.


The AMSP ČR, represents the interests of more than 260.000 entrepreneurial entities, including:

  • Firms from various sectors in the whole country, without limitation on size
  • Independent associations, federations and trades
  • Tradesmen and craftsmen
  • Selected banks and financial institutions
  • Secondary schools and universities
  • Market research agencies etc.


The most important industries represented in the membership:

Telematics of transport, shipbuilding  industry, metallurgical and engineering industry, production of plastics and rubber, electronic and electrical industry, textile industry, services and crafts, tradesmen and craftsmen and the membership of collective members form large groups, too.


On the international level:

The AMSP CR has its important position even within European structures. The direct participation  of our members  in a number  of control and working committees at the EU level makes our organisation a respected partner. The Association cooperates with leading companies and institutions and has concluded  a number  of agreements on mutual  cooperation with its partner organisations abroad.


The membership  of the AMSP ČR, comprises  reputable companies, holders of highly respected awards. the Amsp cR provides aegis to a range of entrepreneurial competitions, where it also sits in the jury, such as:

  • The Firm of the Year & the Tradesman/Craftsman of the Year
  • Pikes of the Czech Business
  • HSBC Grant for Exporters
  • DHL Prize for Export
  • Prize Awards for Czech Businesswomen
  • The Gold Crown, etc.



„ independence – professional competence – Experience “

  • Active communication with members
  • Unique surveys into the opinions of entrepreneurs
  • Identification of problematic areas of enterprise and proposals for their solutions
  • Active participation in the key committees and consulting bodies of the government (e.g.  NERV - National Economic Council of Government , CROI - Czech Coun- cil for Trade and Investment) the parliament and other institutions of influence on the business environment in the country
  • Presentation of principal positions and proposed solutions derived from our practical experience
  • Promotion of small and medium-sized firms and tradesmen

Key documents, including surveys, by which the Association reacts to the current situation and the perspectives  of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are available on our website



  • We act as a point for comments on new legislation
  • We are members  of the Business Council (an advisory body of the Minister of Industry and Trade)
  • We take our part in the meetings of the Czech Council for Trade and Investment
  • We are members of expert committees and working commissions with ministries
  • We are members of expert committees and working commissions with ministries
  • We are members of evaluation commissions that work with the CzechInvest Agency
  • We act as a consulting point of selected banks in the preparation of their new products aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises
  • We have a regular delegate to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels
  • We are active in the China Advisory Council in Brussels
  • We preside the committees for competitiveness and legislation of the European Association of Crafts, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (UEAPME) in Brussels



1.Mapping the actual condition  in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises  and taking a part in creation of the domestic business environ- ment eating at the level of relevant, non-political and professionally compe- tent dialogue with the representatives of the state and institutions of direct influence on the enterprise

2.Creating a favourable milieu for the growth of new entrepreneurial sectors that will provide for the competitiveness of the whole Czech economy  on a middle-term  perspective  (such as so-called trend sectors - bio-technolo- gies, nano-technologies and aero– and space industries etc.)

3.Simplifying and substantially speeding –up the system and control of dra-wing of financial resources from structural and other funds

4.Supporting new financial sources and start-up projects for small and medi- um-sized enterprises, micro-enterprises  up to 10 employees in particula

5.Influencing the policy of the ČMZRB, EGAP and ČEB aimed at a more efficient support of small and medium-sized enterprises and their internationalisation;

6.Calling for the provision of real support of exportation, particularly for smaller and newly established firms;

7.Participating actively in all activities related to the war against bribery;

8.Supporting  actively  the  scientific/research  and  innovation  projects  of  small firms with state participation;

9.Calling upon competent authorities/institutions to remove barriers of legislation and entrepreneurial “absurdities”;

10.Providing for the protection of personal data of entrepreneurs (birth no., address) on the internet servers accessible to the public.



  • A free space for expressing interests  and issues and for assertion thereof towards the government, the parliament and other institutions both at the national and European level;
  • Participation in working committees and expert sections of the Association
  • Participation in local lobbing within the framework of Association‘s regional policy
  • INFORMATION SERVICE concerning the changes in entrepreneurial environment under preparation
  • Chance for simplified participation  in educational projects financed from European resources both on national and international  level (we will bear all the burden  of administration, you will only send your employees to se- lected training courses)
  • Possibility to make use of special packages and discounts on the products and services of the partners, intended only for AMSP ČR members
  • Promotion of the members of AMSP ČR
  • Exchange  of  information with foreign sources – business opportunities, analyses
  • Participation in professional seminars, workshops and conferences, including on-line forms
  • Participation in contact-making meetings  of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial missions abroad
  • Information of the possibilities of participation in fairs and exhibitions
  • Possibility  to  take  part  in  all  the  events  organised  by  the  AMSP ČR  under preferential conditions or quite for free
  • Proposals of renowned persons and leading firms for participation  entrepreneurial competitions organised by, or under the auspices of the AMSP CR
  • Possibility  to take an active part in debates on legislation in preparation
  • Possibility to participate in the unique survey of AMSP CR, into the opinions of entrepreneurs on the problematic areas of enterprise

You need not become a member right away, become an OBSERVER! 
You  obtain 90% of information, except the internal one, free of charge for 6 months and then you will be able to assess, whether your membership would be beneficial for you  



  • Working in joint projects
  • Comments raising expert committees and sections of the Association
  • Mutual consultations of specialists
  • Common positions for media



1.We have significantly strengthened the membership base and its influence as well
2.We participate in critical negotiations of ministries on new laws related to business environment
3.In the expert teams of particular ministers we submit, on behalf of the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises, our principal positions and concrete proposals concerning the important issues such as mitigation of the impacts of the recent crisis, the area of taxes, support to be provided to exportation, reduction of the administrative burden of entrepreneurs, the war against corruption, electronic communication with governmental authorities and agencies, financing, preparation for the introduction of euro, etc.
4.Rapid growth in the interest in the AMSP CR, shown by important mass media that quote our opinions (we are the most frequently quoted association defending the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises)
5.We closely cooperate with our partner associations from abroad, particularly from the countries of the Visegrád Four (CR, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary)
6.We have gained important posts in European institutions.

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Since 2001 the Association offers an open, apolitical platform for SMEs, self-employed persons, and various groupings.

It is the main representative of the broadest business segment and apart from legislation, export, innovation, education, and financing of SME it focuses its activities on family businesses, crafts, young business, local producers, small shops and gastronomy establishments, women in business, and businesses in the countryside.